Designed exclusively for CFM56
engine maintenance

Aero Norway completed the purchase of the Norway Engine Centre, located in Sola, Norway from Pratt & Whitney in 2013. The state-of-the-art facility has now been named Aero Norway and delivers combined airline operational and engine maintenance experience with power plant expertise and resources.

The modern facility designed specifically for CFM56® engine maintenance has capacity for up to 120 engines per year. The workshop delivers leading industry recognised EGT margins and quality, competitive TAT, combined with the ability to provide tailored customer services and engineering support from a superior team of skilled and dedicated employees.

Using the most modern, up to date equipment and technology, and a program of continuous improvement, Aero Norway ensures that all engine maintenance and repairs are carried out to the highest standard. Tools are regularly updated and undergo rigorous safety and quality checks to ensure we consistently deliver excellent service.

Aero Norway's centre is also fully equipped to provide an extensive range of practical and theoretical training for employees and customers.

With a strong and growing international reputation, Aero Norway builds long-term partnerships with flagship airlines and low-cost carriers, aircraft leasing companies and OEMs