Specialist service

Measurable performance - industry recognised EGT margins

Up to 15˚C higher than industry standard

EGT refers to Exhaust Gas Temperature, it is a measure of the performance efficiency of the engine to produce the designed level of thrust. During certification every engine is assigned an absolute operating limit – EGT red line. The difference between EGT red line and the gauge reading in the cockpit is the EGT margin. It is industry-recognised that Aero Norway provides customers with best-in-class EGT margins across the CFM56 family of engines.

In order to achieve this, there are ten basic rules that we abide by to sustain performance results:

  • Tooling quality and routine checks. (Scheduled measuring of critical fixtures.)
  • Shop practice and machining of honeycomb seal, HPT and HPC blades. (Custom grinding.)
  • Training and information – continuous pursuit of best-practice.
  • Introduction of recommended Service Bulletins. (HPC, HPT Nozzle/HPT Blades/Comb.ch. and HPT Shroud are key areas for performance optimisation.)
  • Selection of the right parts. (Inherent component quality is returned after Aero Norway managed repair.)
  • Cleanliness in the shop.
  • Engine testing after shop visit. (Following OEM recommendations.)
  • Aero Norway Engine Maintenance Programme. (Application of ‘Aero Norway standard’ limits whilst recognising the shop-manual limits.)
  • Borescope inspection after test. (Record HPC blade tip rub and HPT/Shroud rub.)
  • De-briefing: CESM 035.

Reduced costs and improved reliability

The greater the EGT margin achieved, the healthier the engine. From a commercial perspective Aero Norway’s customers’ engines will last longer on wing, and the engine components, especially in the hot section, will remain in better condition.

To our colleagues, customers and partners:

The safety and well-being of our customers and team members is our top priority while we cope with the COVID 19 virus. Aero Norway remains fully
operational while we continue all engine work scopes and we are continuously adapting to overcome this evolving situation respecting guidelines from
the Norwegian Government. We fully support everyone who is working together to meet this unprecedented challenge to our industry.

Aero Norway is fully committed to deliver the very best service we can during the crisis and thank our loyal customers for their understanding.
Our team members are ready to offer assistance and support so let us know how we can help you.

Glenford Marston (CEO) and the entire team at Aero Norway.