Specialist service

Measurable performance - industry recognised EGT margins

Up to 15˚C higher than industry standard

EGT refers to Exhaust Gas Temperature, it is a measure of the performance efficiency of the engine to produce the designed level of thrust. During certification every engine is assigned an absolute operating limit – EGT red line. The difference between EGT red line and the gauge reading in the cockpit is the EGT margin. It is industry-recognised that Aero Norway provides customers with best-in-class EGT margins across the CFM56 family of engines.

In order to achieve this, there are ten basic rules that we abide by to sustain performance results:

Reduced costs and improved reliability

The greater the EGT margin achieved, the healthier the engine. From a commercial perspective Aero Norway’s customers’ engines will last longer on wing, and the engine components, especially in the hot section, will remain in better condition.