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Comments from some of our European customers

Aero Norway received CFM56-7B from European based customer that suffered bird strike which resulted in the loss of all the EGT Margin, Aero Norway worked closely with the customer and the OEM to develop and implement workscope to restore the performance and return the engine back to revenue service.Our customer’s PowerPlant Team provided the following feedback “We would like to thank Aero Norway for the help and support on the subject engine. The EGT margin has indeed recovered (see our trend data). Perfect work.”

Recently Aero Norway was contacted by a customer facing an AOG situation. We dispatched a working team and the parts necessary to perform the repair (TGB Leak) at very short notice and the aircraft was dispatched with minimum delay. Their Powerplant Engineer provided the following feedback “Dear Aero Norway Team, thanks a lot for your support on short notice yesterday – highly appreciated.”

“The Aero Norway engineering team are experts. They suggested logical solutions during the shop process. Your powerplant engineer was especially knowledgeable and supportive, he found fast and cost effective solutions for requested items.”

Aero Norway supported this customer on an off-site repair in Poland. The airline was very pleased and said “Thank you for the perfect job in Katowice. Aero Norway showed many professional skills during this replacement, and we are still impressed by it. Brilliant job.”

During an engine test the Technical Representative commented “Our engine has successfully passed the test with a HD EGTM of 54 degrees @ -3C1. That’s very good news indeed. Well done again to the Aero Norway team for delivering a strong engine.”

Feedback from Africa and Middle East

Feedback from Powerplant & Maintenance Reserves Director:“We would like to take this opportunity to thank Aero Norway for your assistance with the repair and test of our engine.”

The customer subsequently sold this engine to a specialist engine lessor and their new operator sent the following message after collecting their new engine “A massive thank you for your cooperation and patience. It is much appreciated.”

Following a successful engine test run:Thanks for your support, that is good news, please pass my acknowledgment to whole team at Aero Norway, we appreciate your efforts to finalise the engine on time.”