CFM56 Series engine services

Designed exclusively for CFM56 engine maintenance

Our focus is on tangible and measurable cost-per-flight hour reductions

Aero Norway’s modern engine shop is streamlined for maximum workflow efficiency and lean processes. Our knowledgeable engineers and highly skilled technicians pursue quality and precision with a single-minded ambition – to be the best, and the most competitive. We are renowned throughout the industry for the consistent delivery of exceptional EGT margins.  

Speed and cost-efficiency combine with Aero Norway’s inherent flexibility to reduce turn-around-times and bring tangible commercial benefits to operators and lessors.

To our colleagues, customers and partners:

The safety and well-being of our customers and team members is our top priority while we cope with the COVID 19 virus. Aero Norway remains fully
operational while we continue all engine work scopes and we are continuously adapting to overcome this evolving situation respecting guidelines from
the Norwegian Government. We fully support everyone who is working together to meet this unprecedented challenge to our industry.

Aero Norway is fully committed to deliver the very best service we can during the crisis and thank our loyal customers for their understanding.
Our team members are ready to offer assistance and support so let us know how we can help you.

Glenford Marston (CEO) and the entire team at Aero Norway.